Feature Article from SNC Times Alumni Spotlight, De Pere, WI

Warrior 1 overlooking Marigot marina, St. Maarten

Warrior 1 overlooking Marigot marina, St. Maarten

The following is an article I wrote for the SNC Times Alumni Spotlight detailing my unique journey into wellness.

Be healthy.  Be happy. These two simple statements embody my approach to wellness and how I look at life in general.  As a basic mantra, this concept in itself is simple; if one is healthy, they are happy.  While we work to maintain balance in our daily lives, health must be our first foundational priority before all else.

As the owner of The Fitness Firm, my job is to not only be the best trainer and instructor I can, but also to cultivate a business identity and inspire a movement that excites and empowers people about their unique health and happiness.

Being only 26, four years out of college, owning a business was something I never thought I’d be doing especially in the wellness field.  If someone told the scared, confused senior in college version of myself that in three years I’d be doing yoga twenty times a week, training professional athletes, rehabilitating individuals with injury and working with businesses and schools to develop wellness programming I would bust out laughing.  But our passions and talents can take us to many different places.  My experiences at St. Norbert prepared me for my various journeys and taught me to trust my voice in more ways than one.

While at St. Norbert I studied music and psychology and actively participated in the TRIPS program.  My endeavors in music and performing took me on many paths around the country and somehow brought me back to De Pere.  Though different in many ways, all of these paths shared one commonality; do something good.  I wanted to make an impact on people, on society while continuing to grow as an individual at the same time.    What had started out as a singers desire to be known evolved somehow into a mentors responsibility to make known and educate.  I have utilized my voice and talents to inspire others to discovery their happiness through their commitment to health.

In hindsight, it is the diversity of my liberal arts education that I give my utmost gratitude.  My St. Norbert education gave me an array of tools and knowledge that have proven quite useful in realizing my dream of owning my own fitness studio and believing in my skills to make a seemingly impossible fantasy a reality.

We sometime forget we only have this one life, this one body.  We must honor ourselves each day by renewing our commitment to finding happiness within our health.  Today I choose to channel my energies into The Fitness Firm; my business and my journey.