Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes at The Fitness Firm in De Pere and Green Bay area

Yoga classes are uniquely designed to enhance your overall wellness; strengthen your body and relax your soul. We offer variety of classes and times to suit a different needs and schedules.  See pricing and class descriptions below.

Download Our Winter 2017 Pricing & Schedule Here:  STUDIO CLASSES WINTER 2017

Restore & Renew Yoga

Restore & Renew Yoga essentially creates space and time to completely relax your mind and body. A variety of aromatherapy is used throughout the class to promote a deeper sense of serenity. Supported, propped, gentle yoga postures are combined with essential oils and candlelight. This ambiance will release your entire body and soothe your spirit. Make time for healing and peace. Restore & Renew is accessible to all. Don’t miss this bliss.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga explores breath awareness, meditation, mindfulness, flowing movement, balance, connection to the core center of the body, and releasing of the shoulders, spine, and hips. Props such as bolsters, blocks, straps, chairs, and walls will be used to enhance the experience of your class. Expect to move, breathe, & laugh. Focus on your total well-being in a supported and safe environment. Chair Yoga will move slowly and gently and is accessible to all.

Yoga Infusion

Yoga Infusion incorporates multiple yoga styles into one holistic experience of flowing movement, breath, balance and mindfulness. Strengthen & create ease while you connect to your breath and ground into your true, authentic self. This class is accessible to beginners and experienced yoga practitioners alike. One love, ya’ll!

Sport Yoga

Sport Yoga is a grueling and vigorous class that will push your endurance and willpower to the limit. This class incorporates power yoga, intervalic cardio-vascular training, and plyometrics. If you are looking to burn calories, shape your major muscle groups, and increase your dexterity, this class is for you. Sport Yoga is designed with an athletic conditioning and mental might emphasis.  Previous yoga experience is recommended. You game?

Core Align

Core Align incorporates pilates, yoga, and cardio-vascular training techniques to develop the core integrity of the body and harness the power of the mind. This class also addresses the importance of breath and posture awareness throughout intense core work. Connect to your power center and transform your daily life. Core Align is designed with an athletic conditioning emphasis and is accessible to most.